Rob Goldberg, principal of Goldberg & Associates, provides Advocacy, Government Relations and Government Funding services. He has successfully represented hundreds of nonprofit and faith-based clients over a career spanning 25 years – from spearheading years-long projects of sector-wide import to advancing discrete projects with individualized focus. 

Rob specializes in providing step-by-step guidance and technical assistance to nonprofit and faith-based organizations in navigating the Department of Homeland Security’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program and the Congressional earmark process.

Rob, also a subject matter generalist, has applied his experience successfully to other Federal appropriations and legislative campaigns related, but not limited to, food security and nutrition, refugee resettlement/immigration, gun control/safety, family caregiver support, energy efficiency, women’s health care, and hate crimes/antisemitism, among them.

Rob is an accomplished government affairs tactician, strategist and technical writer and draftsman. He has leveraged and created legislative and public policy opportunities, especially in the realm of Federal appropriations and grants.

He is collaborative, engaged, and approachable. Rob’s personal and personable manner has led to substantial results for his clients and on behalf of the greater nonprofit sector, and he has developed a reputation on Capitol Hill and among Executive Branch agencies as practical, impactful, and non-partisan.  Among inter-faith and inter-group partners he is a leader and consensus builder.

Through direct lobbying; grassroots and grass-tops legislative advising and coaching; issue monitoring, researching and briefing; legislative drafting; and guiding and assisting with grant funding opportunities, Rob has helped thousands of nonprofit and faith-based organizations secure hundreds of millions of dollars to bolster their security, tens of millions of dollars in Congressional earmark funding to support human services, and billions of dollars in other federally-funded programs and services.

Some of Rob’s major legislative accomplishments have been elevated to the highest levels of recognition at bill signing ceremonies hosted by leaders of Congress and the Executive Branch and in various Congressional oversight hearings.